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Welcom everybody in this site.

About of our operation:

New !          in progress from 30.10.2020.            TWO FAMILIES MUST BE SAVED FROM HOMELESSNESS.

Usually :

We helping disadvantaged (disadvantaged no by their own mistakes) families and children - we deal with completely individual cases.

Besides our mission is evangelization.   Formulation and regeneration of cultural values based on real needs and not manipulated by the media.

Prevention and awareness programs for children and young people at risk.

The most important of our goals is to build and operate our own mission house. Supporting to regain/retain their housing through education and occupations.

During our nearly 18 years of existence, now we turn for the first time for public assistance.

We ask our visitors support our activities with donations.   

Management and majority of members has no assets of its own.   Our average age is 44 years.

Jesus built the bridge.  We just have to go through it.

Contact us

Letter address :

Hid   Egyesület

 4031 Debrecen, Bartók B. u. 7.




Phone number:

+36 70 / 660 – 02 – 94


Facebook : Charity Bridge



Aid from abroad:

Name:    Hid  Egyesulet



IBAN HU 89  1204 2830 - 0176 8785 - 0010 0003

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We thank you for all help with a grateful heart.